Well….Ladies & Gentlemen We Are All Knotted Up. Trump 43.7 & Clinton 43.7

Washington, DC…Well the race for the White House is officially underway. The post convention general election battle has begun. There was a Trump bounce after the Republican Convention that had him up a few points in many polls. Now post Democratic convention Hillary has brought the race back even. According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls is not just almost even, or within margin of error even. Ladies & Gents we are in a statistical tie at 43.7 to 43.7.

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The longest general election post convention season in decades is now underway and not only will the candidates be tired by November I am sure most of the population will be as well. In many states including California the outcome is almost a statistical certainty. Some have said the entire election may come down to how 300,000 people vote in the swing states.

So certain zip codes in certain states will have new best friends until November. The data divers will try and read the social lives, voting patterns, buying patterns, education, working lives and anything that might contain a hook to try and catch an undecided voter and reel them in.

It is safe to say that many campaign staffers will know these voters better than they know themselves.

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