Two & Half Men Left Standing In GOP Race. One Woman For The Dems

Washington, DC…The race for the White House picked up speed, clarity and focus as Donald Trump easily defeated Marco Rubio on his Florida home turf. The winner take all primary defeat sealed the fate of Rubio’s campaign and he suspended his campaign last night. Governor John Kasich proved he has half a chance to make his case for nomination even though the only semi-realistic path would be through a messy and contentious brokered convention that might leave the GOP damaged and limping into November. Donald Trump’s delegate lead over Senator Cruz grew significantly and Cruz’s task now seems daunting but mathematically if not realistically possible,

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On the Democratic side Hillary Rodham Clinton moved closer to inevitability in securing the Democratic Nomination. Bernie has the funds and following to continue all the way to the convention but other than pulling policy positions to the left and hoping for a Hillary indictment his path to the nomination seems uncertain at best.

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