Statements from Whitehouse on G20

Washington, DC…President Donald J. Trump participated in the second day of the virtual G20 Leaders Summit on November 22, 2020. President Trump discussed the economic model he has enacted through cutting taxes and regulations, promoting abundant and affordable energy, and negotiating trade agreements grounded in the principles of fairness and reciprocity. President Trump expressed the importance of policies that promote workers and families. He also discussed the historic achievements made in the United States and around the world in empowering and investing in women, and called on all countries to do more. President Trump thanked Saudi Arabia for its leadership during its G20 presidency and looked forward to working with Italy as incoming G20 president. He also encouraged the G20 to continue to work together to achieve security, prosperity, and peace for all nations.

President Donald J. Trump participated in the first day of the virtual G20 Leaders Summit on November 21, 2020. President Trump discussed with other world leaders the need to work together to restore strong economic growth and jobs as we overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. During his remarks, President Trump highlighted how the United States marshaled every resource at its disposal to respond to the crisis, as well as the unprecedented economic recovery of the United States on a foundation of tax and regulatory cuts, energy independence, and fair trade deals.

He spoke about the aggressive actions and safety measures the United States took to protect the vulnerable, pioneer groundbreaking treatments, and develop vaccines and therapies at record-setting speed, which will save millions of lives. President Trump also reaffirmed the importance of the G20 working together for future economic growth and prosperity.

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